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EP 05: Thriving After Trauma and Embracing Your Inner Warrior Goddess with Katie Maloney

Approximately one-half of Americans will be exposed to a traumatic experience at some point in their life. While most people can absorb these experiences, many struggle with continuing symptoms throughout the rest of their lives. In this episode, Katie Maloney, a survivor of childhood sexual abuse, speaks with host Aliah Davis-McHenry about thriving after trauma and embracing your inner warrior goddess. Katie has developed a program to empower women to learn how to protect themselves while re-establishing that mind-body connection. Trauma can literally rewire your brain, so stay tuned to hear how Katie helps people take back control of their growth and happiness!

EP 01: Launching A Beauty Brand While Living Passion-Filled

In this episode, “Launching a Beauty Brand While Living Passion-Filled", host Aliah Davis-McHenry speaks with Donnet Bruce of Nubian Oasis, a space where women can shop, learn about caring for their tresses, and discover new products to take their style to the next level. Donnet provides insight into her entrepreneurial journey, gives advice on creating a brand in the saturated beauty market, and shares thoughts around creating “balance” between life, family, work, and love.