EP 08: Woman First: Melinated Moms' Jaye Wilson Is Creating Unity Within the Community

How can we work together within our communities to foster change? Jaye Wilson, a mompreneur, motivational public speaker, social activist, maternal advocate, and coach is uniting women of color through her organization Melinated Moms. By creating safe spaces, Jaye and Melinated Moms’ members are advocating and addressing important issues like the devastating statistics affecting expectant black mothers & advocating health equity for ALL.

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EP 07: Pack Often, Pack Light: How Yelena Dasher Is Inspiring A New Wave of Women Travelers

How can you possibly know your place in this world if you have not seen it? One of the best ways to gain new perspective and learn a lot about other cultures, as well as yourself, is to travel. Aliah is talking to Yelena Dasher today, who through her own adventures, is inspiring a new wave of women travelers. She endeavors to search out the adventures available to the working woman and encourages others to be bold, explore, and challenge themselves by challenging their points of view. Travel opened doors to her, literally and figuratively, and became the medium by which she challenged herself, discovered what she was capable of, and brought her joy. She started her website, Pack Often, Pack Light, in 2019, with the hope to inspire other people to journey more in their lifetimes. Dream big; you can do more than you think you can!

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EP 06: The Career You Deserve: Boni Candelario On Finding Your Purpose and Getting Paid What You Are Worth

Finding the career that you are meant for is one of the hardest challenges in life. Everyone wants to find that job that doesn’t feel like work, simultaneously paying them what they are worth. The sad thing is, many people never find that position, but Boni Candelario is here to give you some tips to help you find your purpose and get what you deserve. Boni is an organizational development consultant, trainer and executive coach at Yale New Haven Hospital System in the Institute for Excellence. Her mission is to help women and men create action plans on topics such as re-inventing their careers, handling an industry transition, and navigating internal politics and conflict. Stay tuned to hear how to face these challenges!

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EP 05: Thriving After Trauma and Embracing Your Inner Warrior Goddess with Katie Maloney

Approximately one-half of Americans will be exposed to a traumatic experience at some point in their life. While most people can absorb these experiences, many struggle with continuing symptoms throughout the rest of their lives. In this episode, Katie Maloney, a survivor of childhood sexual abuse, speaks with host Aliah Davis-McHenry about thriving after trauma and embracing your inner warrior goddess. Katie has developed a program to empower women to learn how to protect themselves while re-establishing that mind-body connection. Trauma can literally rewire your brain, so stay tuned to hear how Katie helps people take back control of their growth and happiness!

EP 04: Breaking Down Intimacy Issues and The Power of Therapy with Melissa Thoen, LCSW

In this episode of Live Fervently, Aliah has the pleasure of speaking with licensed clinical social worker, Melissa Thoen, to discuss fighting mental health stigmas and the power of therapy. Melissa Thoen, LCSW is a multilingual psychotherapist based in New York City. She identifies as a Latino, cis, heterosexual woman who has over the past 15 years has dedicated herself to the mental health field.  You won’t want to miss a second of this episode as Aliah and Melissa discuss mental health, sexual health issues that affect women over 30, benefits of sex and couples therapy, non-monogamy, fetishes, and Melissa’s own self care which includes triathlons and living a balanced life.

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EP 03: Taking Control of Your Finances and Following Your Passions with Danielle Desir

In this episode, Aliah speaks with Danielle Desir, writer, speaker, travel finance strategist, and founder of the Thought Card. If you want to be able to afford to travel more, pay off debt, or build wealth (and who doesn’t) Danielle is your go-to woman! Danielle is going to share a few of her expert tips so we can start to take control of our finances, as well as how she got to where she is today and her book in the making. Listen and learn all about building your brand and how to chase your travel dreams!

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EP 02: From One Brunch to a Movement: How Christina Duren Built An Impactful Community of Over 30,000 Women of Color

In this episode Aliah speaks with Christina Duren, the founder of the Beautiful Brown Girls Brunch Club. BBGBC started as an outlet for women to get together for brunch in South Florida, but has become a movement of over 30,000 women of color around the world. Christina shares why she created BBGBC, how she manages her time, and what she has learned on her journey.

EP 01: Launching A Beauty Brand While Living Passion-Filled

In this episode, “Launching a Beauty Brand While Living Passion-Filled", host Aliah Davis-McHenry speaks with Donnet Bruce of Nubian Oasis, a space where women can shop, learn about caring for their tresses, and discover new products to take their style to the next level. Donnet provides insight into her entrepreneurial journey, gives advice on creating a brand in the saturated beauty market, and shares thoughts around creating “balance” between life, family, work, and love.

EP 00: Live Fervently Trailer

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