Armed and Dangerous - 7 Resources for Your “Passion Arsenal”

Passion Arsenal

Passion Arsenal

Before you spend another online moment pondering what you need to level up, consider what's in your "passion arsenal". Your passion arsenal is full of resources to help you lead a fervent and fulfilled life...and also get PAID. Here's what you need to get started:

  1. Your subscriptions to theSkimm, HARO, Fervent Wellness, Levo League, and Her Agenda. Make sure it isn't going to your spam or junk folder.

  1. Updated and optimized profiles on Linkedin, Twitter, Instagram and Facebook with daily scheduling using Buffer. Make a short list of Twitter chats that are relevant to your goals and industry and try to make at least one every week. Tip: Don’t miss #LiveFervently monthly Twitter chats.

  2. Library card so you can download massive amounts of business, self-improvement and guilty pleasure e-books for free.

  3. RSS feed or Feedly of your must-follow blogs and websites. Or better yet create a

  4. YOUR contacts. Note: I’m not talking about a paid list or directory but YOUR rolodex that was built on your blood, sweat, and tears. These are contacts that you have genuine relationships. Your contacts won't immediately delete your email or report you for spam. Make sure you have up-to-date contact information by sending out a few "Hi, how are you? Here's what's new with me. What can I do for you?" emails.

  5. Podcasts. Podcasts. Podcasts. Podcasts are an invaluable source of expert advice and entertainment. Check out iTunes' New and Noteworthy for new podcasts that may have bypassed your radar. Don't forget to subscribe, listen, and review.

  6. Slack and Facebook groups. It doesn't just do down in the DMs. The best networking, job opportunities, and events are in Slack and Facebook groups. Not finding one that fits your niche? Start your own.