Woman First: Melinated Moms' Jaye Wilson Is Creating Unity Within the Community

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With our country in such a state of social and political unrest, unity within our communities is more important than ever. Jatesha Madden-Wilson; or professionally known as Jaye Wilson, a mompreneur, motivational public speaker, social activist, maternal advocate, and self-sufficiency coach. Jaye saw the importance of how community engagement created better physical, emotional and mental health outcomes for its people. 

Through her own personal experience of transitioning from being a married mother to a divorced single mother, Jaye sought out the need to find a community of support for herself. She has created a women's membership organization called Melinated Moms and it has quickly become recognized for creating safe spaces for women to discuss cultural competency for women's health in communities of color. Melinated Moms also empowers, motivates, and cultivates the community through health and fitness meetups and mommy & me bonding events. If we work together within our communities, we can address important issues—such as the social impact of women of color through the intersections of motherhood, sisterhood, and womanhood!

In this episode, Aliah and Jaye talk about…

  • Starting Melinated Moms and what it offers women of color and mothers of color

  • Importance of cultural competency in regard to women of color

  • Staying informed of the disparities in healthcare affecting moms of color and the devastating statistics affecting black expectant moms

  • Helping women through self-sufficiency coaching

  • Focusing on what it means to be self-sufficient

  • The biggest barrier that a lot of women face

  • Seeds of Sisterhood Fundraising Brunch

  • How Jaye spends her downtime when she’s not working or being a superhero

  • Taking care of yourself during a hectic life  


Find Jaye on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and at her site Melinated Moms!

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Seeds of Sisterhood Fundraising Brunch

First Candle

Liberty Science Center


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